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Increase your innovative power



Taking a different view of learning and development issues for people and organisations, delivering quicker and cleverer results.

learning programme

Increase your innovative power

In the learning programme “Travel the World” I’ve incorporated my creative approach using a travel metaphor. The structure of the programme refers to associations with the four winds: East, South, West, and North, offering complementary ways of working and techniques to stimulate creativity. This learning programme can be given as either individual coaching or as a group programme.


Training advice

nemluD, learning consultancy supports organisations in the creation and design of development policy or provision. My approach comprises:

  • Establishing the current and the desired situation.
  • Putting together a plan of approach, including engaging employees.
  • Delivering internal workshops regarding developing a vision for learning and identifying didactic starting points.
  • Co-creating a design for the future situation.

I’ve done this for the Rivas Zorggroep, MEE Gelderse Poort, Conclusion, NS Opleidingen, Schuitema (C1000) and Philips.

companies and individuals


nemluD, learning consultancy delivers solutions based on insight and experience for:

Creative Thinking   –   Influencing Skills   –   Mindmaps   –   Programme Management   –   Change Management   –   (Coaching) Leadership   –   Team Development   –   Train The Trainer   –   Customer Focus   –   Assertiveness   –   Personal Effectiveness   –   Networking   –   Competence-Based Management   –   Human Resource Management   –   Management Development   –   Sustainable Employability   –   The New Workplace   –   Creative Problem Solving   –   Time Management   –   Personnel Management   –   Communication Skills   –   Relationship And Account Management   –   Middle Management   –   Effective Influencing   –   Presentation Skills   –   Leadership For Professionals   –   Career Management   –   Culture Change.

individuals and companies


I coach employees, managers and leaders in increasing their skills in the areas of influencing skills, (coaching) leadership, defining personal ambitions, and ‘getting back on top of things’.

Client’s quotes

“Tiny is a warm, engaged and entertaining man who’s perfectly positioned to hold up a mirror and let you see what it is your own behaviour generates in other people.”

“Tiny is a determined coach who can quickly, but pleasantly, get to the core of the matter. In just two revealing conversations I gained many insights I can apply immediately in a concrete manner.”

“A creative, cheerful and warm person and a very experienced and competent trainer in his field.”

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